Experience Allergy Relief In Any Season

Experience Allergy Relief In Any Season

Get effective allergy treatment in Missoula & Hamilton, MT

No matter what type of allergies you have, you'll need help managing them. Find the relief you need at Allergy & Asthma Care PLLC. We offer allergy treatments in Missoula & Hamilton, MT and the surrounding areas. Arlon Bennett, APRN, FNP-C will learn and evaluate your symptoms. Then complete the best testing and devise a treatment to improve symptoms or desensitize you over time.

Call 406-721-4540 now to schedule an allergy care consultation in Missoula & Hamilton, Montana.

We test for a variety of allergies

Allergy & Asthma Care provides testing and treatment for many types of allergies. We'll find out if you're allergic to:

  • Environmental allergies: plants and animals
  • Foods
  • Bee, hornet or wasp stings
  • Personal care products
  • Metal sensitivities
  • Specific medications

After your appointment, Arlon Bennett, APRN, FNP-C will follow-up with you to see if you need your allergy treatment regimen adjusted.

Trust Allergy & Asthma Care PLLC to find the right solution for your allergies. Contact us today to discuss your allergy care needs with a specialist in Missoula & Hamilton, MT.

Missoula Pollen Counts

Missoula Pollen Counts

Pollen counts for the week of Oct 4-Oct 11:

Trees: 1, Low (Larch and Linden)
Weeds: 8, Low (Sage, PIgweed and Ragweed)
Grass: 1, Low